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Как получить звезду(JR Member)/How to get a star(JR Member)
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Доброго времени суток, дорогие друзья! Сегодня я расскажу вам всю правду о том, как получить звезду, а так же поделюсь собственным опытом пользования Viuly. Будьте бдительны и подписывайтесь на канал! English version of the video in description. Kind time of the day dear friends! The About All Channel (https://viuly.io/channel/28957) welcomes you! I want to share with you my little, but still experience using the service Viuly. So, let's begin! Date of registration of my channel on 01/19/2018, yes it's not much at all and for today I use the service for only a week! See for yourself! But you know what is most funny, given that I have more than 350 subscribers and more than 4,500 views, 2 videos in the top, I still have the status of Newbie. Therefore, if you see a video with similar names - "Get a Junior member in 5 minutes" or "Bug get JR member for a minute" know that the author introduces you at least in error, well, as the maximum wants to rip out the views and break into the top. Only activity in the service will help you, well, and I will earn the first star, and with it the withdrawal of funds. Watch and rate the video, write comments, subscribe to channels and sooner or later everything will be! Thank you very much for watching, I hope the video was at least a little useful for you, do not fall for the tricks of not honest authors, great luck to you, subscribe to the channel!