If Blockchain Was A Movie


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thanh2 12 hours ago

I love you

dennis rogon 13 hours ago

keep it up for crypto

Steve Carrera 17 hours ago

Very cool !

dhm 3 days ago

cool i like it

Jide 4 days ago

Nice one

hienatt123 5 days ago


Elsa Bugtong 6 days ago

is that satoshi nakamoto..? haha..nice video anyway..

vladbelol 1 week ago

Cool video

Kristoffer 1 week ago

Wooaahh. Nice One!!

edinso 1 week ago


Nirado 1 week ago

This got me so pumped up, probably the epic music with a great idea being presented in numbers before your eyes!

tuko 1 week ago

Nobody knows Satoshi Nakamoto. One man or a team can matter. It's really a genius! Moreover, the fact of wanting to remain anonymous proves that he really wanted the bitcoin to belong to no one. The blockchain is a revolution and the bitcoin is just one o

I love this video

Julia Bozeman 1 week ago

On oneside you have the hard working never getting any where trying to make a dollar out of fifteen cents oppressed. and on the other you have the law who seems to be on the side of greed and money .it is time for the law to change sides blockchain will p

BromRRRR 1 week ago


kafkaS 2 weeks ago

Great video guys

Marcial Cabrera 3 weeks ago

Interesante video