RockWheel GT16 at 37 KM/H. Electric Unicycle in Dublin. sent me this improvised video of myself going at 37 KM/H on my new RockWheel GT16 V2 after a great Dublin Electric Unicycle Meetup in Howth. Thanks for the video! ;)
Join us for a Ride around Dublin!

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  • Dre Ventures 10 months ago
    lol im glad he didn't fall, thats crazy
  • Руслан 5 months ago
  • JuanjoCrypto 10 months ago
    Haha, Thanks Dre :) , I'm glad myself also!
  • JuanjoCrypto 10 months ago
    Thanks for the donation to whoever made it! Really appreciate it.
  • Андрей 6 months ago