Trump’s 2017 Year In Review - Accomplishments Include #QAnon, #Pedogate, and Space Exploration

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President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence have spent a great deal of time in the Trump Administration's first year in 2017. This #YearInReview video will focus on two major components that are deeply interconnected. January is #NationalHumanTraffickingAwareness month, as declared by President Trump just before the new year. On December 21st, President Trump declared financial and asset Martial Law on human trafficking abusers within Government and connected to Government. This is #DrainTheSwamp happening before our eyes. Just beyond our point of view, hidden by #Hollywood and #Pedowood, the #SecretSpaceProgram through the #NationalSpaceCouncil will usher in a brand new identity of #NASA to literally #MAKEAMERICAGREATAGAIN. The accomplishments of this incredible President are numerous, but these two take the cake for 2017. The ending of Human Trafficking and Slavery will free the world from the miseries of disease and unlock the ancient technologies of space. This is #FollowTheWhiteRabbit and #AliceInWonderland clues that #Qanon is giving us.

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