Viuly - decentralized video hosting

Advertising revenue for online #video runs into hundreds of billions of dollars.

Centralized video sharing platforms keep the lions share!

Viuly is here to change that!

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  • cdysdhslqq 5 months ago
    ты кто?
  • Alexander 4 months ago
    Хана ютубу ))
  • Серго 5 months ago
    I like Viuly :)
  • parvizbag 5 months ago
    О Да !!!
  • Rol 5 months ago
    Really: Why is this guy?
  • Virtugrana 5 months ago
    i like viuly's name. Nice project. I hope sucessful.
  • rosasan 3 months ago
    Very good very good
  • Галина Никитюк 3 months ago
    Viuly is really good project!
  • palsaot 5 months ago
    So who is this guy?
  • Alex 5 months ago
    yeah man, very interesting project, blockchain is gonna save us)!!!