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Maladolescenza [ Playing with Love ] (1977) Full "HD" Movie
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WATCH Playing with Love Full Movie [4K-ULTRA HD*FULL HD (1080p)]

Title : Playing with Love
Release : 1977-05-17
Rating : 5.5/10
Country : Italy, Germany
Language: Italiano
Runtime : 94 min.
Genre : Drama
Stars : Lara Wendel, Eva Ionesco, Martin Loeb, Xylot

Plot Summary
Laura and Fabrizio have been meeting every summer in the forest by her parent's summer home.
Fabrizio is a solitary boy with only his dog for company; Laura a sweet but unconfident child.
This summer new aspects enter into their story as both are growing up. Laura is falling in love with Fabrizio,
while he displays a new sexual awareness of her masked by his malice.
Things develop further when they meet Sylvia who, unlike the innocent Laura, is confident and assertive.
Fabrizio develops a fascination with her, eventually bribing Laura to fetch her to the forest to join them in play.

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